making space together

We are, a small team of space makers solving space problems together with the Small Satellite Student Society University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.) and the ep2lab of Charles III University of Madrid.

In 2011, we started as a student group at the University of Stuttgart to provide massive computing power with our distributed computting platform Constellation to everyone needing it for space simulations. Over time, we attracted international young professionals of the space industry and the local maker community and thus becoming a full fletched citizen science project.

We are a community of several different Teams in Stuttgart and globally working together on space projects. Together with KSat e.V. (the Small Satellite Student Society) from the University of Stuttgart and the Distributed Ground Station Network Team at the Institute for Photogrammetry we are working on the rover mission ROACH crawling for maintenance reasons on the outer hull of a sounding rocket while coasting in near space or tracking cubesats faster than US NORAD. With the Cosmic Dust Team of the Institute for Space Systems at University of Stuttgart we are simulating cometary dust particles for the IMEX project of the European Space Agency (ESA). And now with our newest umbrella team, the ep2lab of Charles III University of Madrid, we are also involved in simulating and building propulsion systems for space applications.

We are a small organization but having impact within our space community by helping realizing space exploration by creativity and open access. We are open for everybody interested in space for the betterment of everybody. We believe everyone can be involved in space and making space together!

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  • python
  • c/c++
  • vhdl
  • boinc
  • java


  • Science and Medicine
  • cubesats
  • space applications
  • software defined radio
  • distributed computing
  • simulations
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  • Shoumik Dey
    Decoding of ADSB and Multi-Lateral positioning
    This project is focused on tracking aircrafts with ADS-B messages. The aim is to make a smooth tracking method when the aircraft fails to report its...
  • Vladyslav Mokrousov
    DirectDemod Automatic Picture Transmission (NOAA) – BigImage and Globe Projection
    There are thousands of wheather satellites orbiting the Earth at each moment of time, constantly transmitting APT signals. The problem of efficient...
  • Themistoklis Spanoudis
    Ksat: Visualizing multi-dimensional evolution on system and subsystem level
    Optimization of complex systems is one of the biggest challenges in engineering. A system can be considered complex when its consisted of more...
  • Brandon Escamilla
    MaaS (Molto-IT as a Service)
    The objectives of this project are to find optimizations in MOLTO-IT trying to reach the best performance due to the hard numerical process that this...
  • Vidhan Arya
    OrbitDeterminator: Community Observation Input of Many Station Locations
    In this project, functionality to take input from a mix of ground stations and observations of different format will be added to OrbitDeterminator....
  • Rakshit Bhatt
    OrbitDeterminator: Community Observation Input of many station locations.
    I read the work Jorge Perez has done for GSoC 2018(especially for sun orbiting bodies) and I found it fascinating, I would really love to build upon...
  • Mayank Dhiman
    VISual MAth: Refactoring Old Modules & Adding New Ones
    VISual MAth (visma) is an equation solver and visualiser, which can be used to solve complex mathematical equations. It not only solves the equation...