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AboutCode is a set of open source tools to discover and manage important information about your software. Our primary focus is to solve the problem of discovering, identifying, tracking and managing open source and third-party components used in your products, applications and systems. The AboutCode tools are designed to be modular so that a software development team can quickly implement a workflow tailored for its set of languages, technologies and tools.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • nlp
  • automaton
  • search


  • Other
  • license-scan
  • oss licensing
  • package managers
  • copyright
  • license compliance
comment IRC Channel 2019 Projects

  • Arnav Mandal
    Approximately Similar file detection in DeltaCode
    DeltaCode is a tool to compare and report scan differences. It takes JSON files as an input which is the output of ScanCode-toolkit as well. When...
  • AyushJain0402
    Packaging and Docker Image Creation
    About Code software scancode-toolkit currently is not available as distro's package and there is no official docker image available which is must...
  • Abhishek_Kumar
    Port Scancode to Python 3
    Since Python 2.7 will retire in few months and no longer maintained.So it needs to be ported to python 3 and it must passed on both version of...