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FOSSASIA develops Open Source software and open hardware for conversational AIs, science and event management with a global developer community from its base in Asia and organizes Open Tech events. The mission of FOSSASIA is to improve people's lives by sharing open technologies, knowledge and resources and building a sustainable FOSS ecosystem. The organization supports its projects as an incubator and runs coding programs and development contests like Codeheat to grow the developer community. FOSSASIA's annual OpenTechSummit in Singapore is the premier Open Technology event in Asia for developers, tech companies, and contributors.

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  • javascript
  • python
  • java
  • reactjs
  • c


  • Other
  • artificial intelligence
  • event management
  • open science
  • voice assistants
  • search
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FOSSASIA 2019 Projects

  • Shridhar Goel
    Development of new features for the Open Event Organizer App
    Open Event Organizer App is an app used by event organizers to create events and manage them. This project aims to develop the app further and...
  • liveHarshit
    Enhancement of FOSSASIA Eventyay Attendee App
    Open event project provides a platform for managing all the activities in an event. It has different mobile applications for both attendees and...
    Open Event is an application that allows users to find and book tickets for events. This proposal is about integrating major missing components of...
  • Harsh Jindal
    Feature Completion and Standardisation of SUSI.AI Web Projects
    I worked on merging the susi_skill_cms, and into one consolidated repository and integrating redux, upgrading...
  • Shubham Gupta-2
    Feature Completion and Standardization of SUSI.AI Web Projects
    Migrate Chat, Skill, Account SUSI.AI under a common app SUSI.AI. Create a set of common and modular components. For styling 1 common approach should...
  • Jaideep Prasad
    FOSSASIA GSOC'19 Proposal: Neurolab-Android
    My project is about porting, implementing and developing the features specifically, the Audio and Visual Feedback features of the Neurolab...
  • Uddeshya Singh
    General UI and startup enhancements
    UI enhancements with Featured Event Implementation Open-event is currently undergoing a revamp from v1 to v2 and I want to contribute towards...
  • Shreyansh Dwivedi
    Implement a waitlist for participants and enhance the Admin/User dashboard
    Implementing waiting list for event tickets Implement account page for payment overviews for users similar to Paypal. Implement emails for different...
  • Saicharan Reddy
    Integration of Various Payment Gateways and Enhancement of Admin/Account functionalities
    One of the goals set for this proposal is to integrate various payment gateways which are deemed popular in certain countries. In this way, the...
  • Abhinav Khare
    Making nextgen of Open Event Production ready for Eventyay
    In the past two years since the projects around decoupling Open Event’s frontend and backend began, significant progress has been made in developing...
  • Amartya Mondal
    Project Proposal for SUSI.AI Android Client and Smart Speaker
    The proposal aims to enhance the functionalities of the SUSI.AI android app. It focusses on the integration of SUSI.AI smart speaker with the app,...
  • humble_D
    PSLab - Desktop App
    I plan to shift the platform to a more modern and reliable Electron framework. Being a NodeJS powered framework specifically designed to create...
  • Neel Trivedi
    PSLab Android
    I will be working on enhancing many functionalities of the current PSLab Android Application. Will also be working on adding functionality to connect...
  • alok kumar
    SUSI Smart Speaker enhancement
    This project aims at enhancing the SUSI Smart Speaker Project. This project adds the following features: Rework the sound architecture Personal...