An open source musical software synthesizer with a wide range of possibilities

What is ZynAddSubFX?

ZynAddSubFX is a cross platform synthesizer which provides a wide range of functionality to go from a basic oscillator to a full virtual musical instrument. A quick overview of some features includes:

  • Polyphonic with support for legato and mono playing modes
  • Three synthesizer engines:
    • Additive Synthesis for classic synth sounds composed of a variety of voices with powerful modulation. This exposes modulators ranging from LFOs and envelopes to oscillator modulators for FM, PM, and AM.
    • Subtractive Synthesis for creating variable bandwidth harmonics from filtered white noise
    • PAD synthesis for creating beautiful pads and other instruments
  • Powerful waveform generator with up to 128 sine/non-sine harmonics
  • A variety of filters including analogue modeled filters, formant filters, and state variable filters.
  • Envelopes can have ADSR (or ASR, etc..) modes or can be free modes (with any shape)
  • Effects for Reverb, Echo, Chorus/Flange, Phasing, Wave-shaping, Equalizing, Dynamic Filtering with flexible signal routing
  • A custom Ruby based window toolkit for optimal embeddability and scriptability

What makes ZynAddSubFX different?

Compared to other audio synthesis applications ZynAddSubFX offers a large number of simple building blocks in a mostly fixed signal routing. Each component on it's own is easy to understand, but once all the components interact, then new sounds can emerge and interesting modulation possibilities open up. Overall there are millions of parameters which can be manipulated from the user interface or via the open sound control API. With the collection of building blocks provided to users a powerful sound design tool is provided along with an interesting variety of development challenges. The challenges range from workflow issues, to signal processing trade-offs, to user interface refinements, and more.

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  • c/c++
  • ruby
  • midi
  • open-sound-control
  • opengl


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ZynAddSubFX 2019 Projects

  • Micky C
    Signal Scopes for intermediate waveform
    The aim of this project is to extend the current Synthesis State Watcher to additional low level waveform in different stage of producing note during...