Making Embedded Linux easy

Buildroot is used by thousands of companies and individuals around the world to build from source highly customized and optimized embedded Linux systems. Companies as famous as GoPro, Tesla or Google use Buildroot for various products.

Based on the standard technologies GNU Make and Kconfig, Buildroot is easy to learn and understand, and quickly allows to build an embedded Linux system, including a cross-compilation toolchain, a root filesystem with numerous applications and libraries, a Linux kernel image, and one or several bootloader/firmware images. It offers more than 2400 packages for a wide variety of open-source software, such as Qt5,, Wayland, Kodi, Python, PHP, Go, Gtk and many more.

By working on Buildroot, students will learn a lot about how a Linux system works and how it is built. They will enjoy working in a friendly community of embedded Linux experts, and will learn using a tool that is used by thousands of companies in the embedded industry around the world.

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  • gnu make
  • kconfig
  • python
  • shell


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Buildroot 2019 Projects

  • Atharva Lele
    Reproducible Builds
    Ensuring that two instances of buildroot running with the same configuration for the same device yields the same result. Reproducible builds means...