The ultimate open source team chat and collaboration platform

Rocket.Chat is one of the largest active open source (permissive MIT source license) nodeJS communications platform communities on GitHub, featuring 700+ global community contributors (across projects) from 30+ countries, 21000+ GitHub stars, 4600 forks, 242+ total releases and 8,500+ issues since inception in 2015.

Rocket.Chat is a modern team chat and collaborating platform written in full-stack JavaScript. Rocket.Chat offers a full featured rich team chat experience on modern browsers, comparable to Slack and Microsoft Teams. Mobile and desktop clients run on iOS, Android, MacOSX, Windows, and Linux. Rocket.Chat server is designed to be scalable from a small family messaging server for 5 users running on a Raspberry Pi 3, to clustered configuration that can support tens of thousands of users. On-premise deployment of Rocket.Chat can ensure 100% complete security and privacy of your valuable communications/data.

Rocket.Chat is now installed on over 180k servers and counts over 10m users worldwide. Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform globally.

Users can set up Rocket.Chat on cloud or by hosting their own servers on-premises. Thanks to its liberal MIT open source license, Rocket.Chat can be also be forked on Github and becomes a new platform/product altogether.

Rocket.Chat has been designed to be totally extensible. Rocket.Chat Apps is a straightforward way to add features to Rocket.Chat. REST and realtime (websocket) APIs are available to control and customize various aspects of the server. Chatbot can extend the interactivity of Rocket.Chat and integrate external IT systems.

Rocket.Chat has won multiple prizes such as a 2016 Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application and first prize in the 2017 edition of All Things Open’s Startup Competition.

Rocket.Chat supports over 59 local languages. Rocket.Chat's community interacts 24 x 7 at the community Rocket.Chat server since inception in 2015.

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  • javascript
  • node.js
  • react
  • ios
  • android


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Rocket.Chat 2019 Projects

  • Pranav Pandey
    Add new features on React Native client
    Our React native implementation is relatively newer than its native counterparts hence lacks many of the important features and is more buggy. The...
  • Ashish Jha
    Alexa Skill for Rocket.Chat
    Bring access of Rocket.Chat into the world of 100 million+ Alexa enabled devices. The project's aim is to create innovative, high valued user...
  • Utkarsh Barsaiyan
    Deeper Nextcloud Integration
    This project aims to improve the existing Nextcloud integration within Rocket.Chat. Seamless authentication and improving the UI and UX of the file...
  • Amish Mittal
    Implementation of Newsfeed (a social feature) in Rocket.Chat Server
    Implementation of Newsfeed (a social feature) in Rocket.Chat Server This project adds a newsfeed for every user. In it, the users can follow other...
  • Ilarion Halushka
    Improve end-to-end testing infrastructure of React Native client
    The project Rocket.Chat.ReactNative is already about 2 years old and there are lots of features. So the chances of introducing new bugs by changing...
  • Govind Dixit
    Improve Test Automation in Rocket.Chat Android Repo
    The project goal is to establish a test infrastructure which supports unit testing, UI testing and Integration testing. Unit tests and UI tests will...
  • Upendra Reddy
    Improving User Experience with Bots in Android App
    A crucial component of the user experience with bots in Rocket chat android app is rich messages. Currently, there is only minimal support for rich...
    Integrating Google Calendar with Rocket.Chat
    An app developed on Rocket.Chat App engine to integrate Google Calendar with Rocket.Chat. This can be used to create and manage personal calendar...
  • Fongang Rodrique
    Interactive APIs documentation
    This project aims in developing an interactive interface where users can test and explore Rocket.Chat’s Rest APIs. It will ensure that, the whole...
  • Kautilya Tripathi
    Livechat: Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
    Livechat is a package that adds the ability to embed a pop-up support chat to your website. For example when you want to interact with users visiting...
  • Shubham Singh Articles
    For every deployment of, there is a team or community that generates a lot of content. itself is the repository for much of...
  • Aditya Bhardwaj-1
    Service Accounts
    The project aims to add the functionality of Service Accounts in the existing Rocket.Chat application. Service accounts will be an upgrade to regular...
  • Djorkaeff
    Share Extension for React Native Client.
    Implements a Share extension to iOS and Android OS to ReactNative client Rocket.Chat.
  • Noor Binte Amir
    I chose the project ‘Theme Support for Rocket.Chat Android App’ because it integrates my two loves of android development and strong visuals and...
  • Rudrank Riyam
    VoiceOver Accessibility in Rocket.Chat iOS application
    The aim of this project is to add VoiceOver accessibility in the native Rocket.Chat iOS application. Minimum acceptable scope: Login screen Register...