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The Apache Software Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Tanay Tummalapalli
    [BEAM-6611] A Python Sink for BigQuery with File Loads in Streaming
    This project aims to add support for File Loads method of inserting data into BigQuery for streaming pipelines. The PR - #7655 for [BEAM-6553] added...
  • Nadeeshan Gimhana
    [OODT-986] A React based new UI for OPSUI
    At the present stage, Apache OODT provides a web app to monitor the status of each component and ingested files, metadata and workflows. This main...
  • Sheriffo Ceesay
    Benchmark Module for Apache Gora
    Apache Gora is an opensource framework which aims to give users an easy-to-use in-memory data model and persistence for big data frameworks with data...
  • Nayananga Muhandiram
    CAMEL-11492 New Camel website
    New Camel website is a major migration of website. This work is focused on Camel 3 final release in September. Tools used to...
  • Roberto Flores
    CAMEL-9260 Dataformat Apache Any23
    This project will implement a new dataformat within Apache Camel. Concretely, the dataformat will cover the microformats standard through the...
  • Haeyoon Cho
    Empower Apache Nemo I/O with new hardware and off-heap memory
    This project aims to optimize Apache Nemo I/O with two main approaches: Providing I/O using high-performance networking and storage hardware such as...
  • John Javier Mora Vivar
    GORA-485 Apache Kudu datastore for Gora
    This project aims to integrate Kudu (a columnar storage manager developed for the Apache Hadoop platform) into the Apache Gora project as a DataStore...
  • Xavier Sumba
    GORA-527: Implement a data store for REDIS
    Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. So, It is better if Apache Gora...
  • Lahiru Jayasekara
    Hazelcast Jet execution engine support for Apache Gora
    The Apache Gora™ an in-memory data model and persistence for big data. Gora provides a generic API to work with different datastores. Data storing,...
  • Shalitha Suranga
    Implementing an user mentions feature for discussions with additional improvements
    This proposal suggests a full-featured modern user mentions feature with additional improvements for Apache Allura. User will be able to mention...
  • Stephen Ermshar
    Implementing Parallel Sort Merge Join in AsterixDB
    AsterixDB currently attempts to perform an efficient join using a hybrid-hash-join and uses a nested-loop-join when hybrid-hash-join is not...
  • Yasith Jayawardana
    Make OODT Deployment Simple Using Docker and Distributed Configuration Management
    This project aims to make OODT deployment and configuration management simple through implementation of a docker-based deployment tool that...
  • Graham
    Object-relational Mapping Migration
    Apache Fineract CN is currently using HIbernate as it Object-Relational Mapping. However, Hibernate's license is not compliant with the Apache...
  • Afrin Jaman
    PMDK based Persistent Memory Service for Mnemonic
    Apache Mnemonic is a non-volatile hybrid memory storage oriented library and it proposes a non-volatile/durable Java object model and durable...
  • Shreyansh Shrivastava
    SpamAssassin : Statistical Classifier Plugin
    The goal of the project is to implement a plugin with various statistical models implemented underneath from which the user can choose the best one...
  • Zhiyuan Gao
    Support Nemo Executor on AWS Lambda
    This project aims at improving the flexibility and resource management of Apache Nemo by dispatching Nemo executor to AWS Lambda Function.
  • Kang Breder Mbulle
    Swagger Documentation for Fineract APIs
    In the previous documentation of fineract API, the source was simply an HTML file which was maintained manually in parallel to the source code which...