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A citizen science project which aims to make it easy for anyone to build a low cost, robotic telescope which can be used to detect transiting exoplanets.

The PANOPTES community spans the world, from the founding members in Hawaii to designers, builders and scientists in Europe, Australia, and North and South America. We’re looking forward to our members in Africa and Asia! We use a variety of means to communicate, including a Google Group for announcements and a forum for discussions.

PANOPTES occupies a unique niche in the ongoing search for exoplanets. Previous missions, such as Kepler, have focused primarily on one region of the sky, taking deep images in order to discover transiting exoplanets around mostly distant stars, leading to limited opportunities for imaging follow up as the majority of the targets are far away and dim. Current projects aim to fill this gap by targeting relatively bright and near stars, but continue to utilize expensive equipment and optimal site locations in order to ensure success, thus limiting the ability of the project to grow and adapt.

PANOPTES is attractive because it can complement these missions, doing so cheaply and with the involvement of citizen scientists. And while the primary scientific interest of the PANOPTES project is to aid in the discovery of exoplanets via the transit-detection technique, PANOPTES is also a platform. We encourage other groups to come up with projects which use PANOPTES data, hardware or software to address other scientific questions, such as supernovae, near-earth objects (NEO), space debris, and more. It is the hope of the project that schools will come up with novel ways to utilize the unit and the data it gathers.

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  • python 3
  • arduino
  • cloud


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Project PANOPTES 2019 Projects

  • Naga Sai Abhinay
    Design and Development of Demos and Tools
    As part of the project, I intend to build simulations and demos along with introductory animations about exoplanets, their descriptions and the...
  • Demezhan Marikov
    Observatory Dependency Decoupling
    PANOPTES Observatory Control System (POCS) use different hardware components and scheduler which are closely connected to main Observatory class....