Voxel world game/engine with a large focus on extensibility and developer tools

The Organization

The Terasology Foundation hosts Terasology, DestinationSol, and a series of related work aimed at making game development in Java easy and fun

After participating in programs like GSOC and GCI for years we've become a registered non-profit (previously we went by "MovingBlocks"), and look forward to years more of educational awareness, challenging architecture, powerful developer workspaces, fun content, and much more

Our contributors are a diverse mix of software developers, designers, game testers, graphic artists, and musicians of all ages. We encourage and appreciate contributions from everybody, and try to be as warm and welcoming as possible to newcomers

Our Games

Terasology is a highly extensible open source voxel-based game. Born from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo, it is gradually becoming a stable platform for all sorts of gameplay settings in a voxel world

From the ground up, Terasology was built to be a super hackable and modular game. We host a large amount of game content modules under the Terasology organization on GitHub, all community maintained. We welcome new ideas, both crazy and well thought-out for modules and game extensions from anyone and everyone, so feel free to talk to us on IRC, Discord, or Slack.

Destination Sol is a fun little space arcade shooter we adopted as open source to learn more about LibGDX, releasing on Steam and Google Play, and to have somewhere to apply our frameworks.


Our engine is meant to be light, secure, and flexible, even excluding such basics as inventory, health, creatures, or combat. Game distributions then include modules that provide basic gameplay.

Content is wrapped in modules ranging from tiny frameworks supporting commonly needed utility to large gameplay templates. Creating a new module is as easy as running a single command, same for fetching source for any existing community module.

The game itself can auto-download modules if needed with full dependency resolution included!

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  • java
  • lwjgl
  • opengl
  • blender
  • gradle


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The Terasology Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Cameron McWilliams
    The project proposes the creation of content bringing content inspired by the Forestry and ExtraBees mods for Minecraft to Terasology. The content...
  • casals
    Collective Behavior in Terasology
    The objective of this project is to Improve the behavior mechanism in Terasology in order to allow collective behaviors among multiple actors....
  • darshan3
    Light And Shadow Remastered
    The aim of this project would be to enhance and complete the basic gameplay mode which would be a fast-paced Capture The Flag set up in the Dark...
  • Mayant Mukul
    Metal Renegades - Multiplayer Implementation
    Metal Renegades will be a sandbox style game mode set in the wild west where humans and machines coexist. Players will play as robots themselves. It...
  • AndyTechGuy
    Metal Renegades: Initial World Implementation
    Metal Renegades originally started as an idea on the MovingBlocks forum for a brand new gameplay module for use the Terasology engine. The new game...
  • Tejas "majordwarf" Tank
    Module Showcase Website!
    Terasology is designed to be a modular voxel engine but as said: “with great power comes great responsibility”. Keeping track of all the modules can...
  • E. Aakash
    Restoration 100
    Health is one of the fundamental logic for any game. The proposal is to make the Health component, which takes care of the health of the player and...
  • Priyadarshi Raj
    Terasology Launcher 4.0
    Terasology uses a desktop launcher to help users manage different game versions and tweak additional settings. The launcher is developed using...
  • David S
    The render DAG enhancements
    The rendering pipeline of Terasology is represented by a direct acyclic graph (DAG) consisting of sets of nodes and edges. Nodes being (sets of)...