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Bazel is the build tool behind Google's own builds, publicly available on GitHub since 2015. Bazel is a multi-language and multi-platform build tool that runs Linux, macOS, and Windows, and has built-in support for C++, Java, Android, iOS, and more. Bazel provides a simple but powerful extension model that you can use to develop your own build and test rules.

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  • windows
  • c/c++
  • java
  • bazel


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Bazel 2019 Projects

  • Rong Jie Loo
    Sandboxing on Windows
    Bazel on Linux already supports various ways to run actions in a sandbox (linux-sandbox, processwrapper-sandbox). We want to support sandboxing on...
  • Marwan Tammam
    Starlark language
    Starlark language was designed for Bazel. The language has now a specification, 3 implementations (in Java, in Go, in Rust), and is used outside...