From the kernel to the browser, open source projects from Salesforce.


TransmogrifAI (pronounced trans-mog-ri-phi) is an end-to-end AutoML library for structured data written in Scala that runs on top of Apache Spark. It was developed with a focus on accelerating machine learning developer productivity through machine learning automation, and an API that enforces compile-time type-safety, modularity, and reuse. Through automation, it achieves accuracies close to hand-tuned models with almost 100x reduction in time.

Design System React

Design System React is an implementation of the Lightning Design System which enables you to build rich, accessible web experiences with quality UX patterns and established UI component best practices in order to achieve user-centered engineering at scale.


oclif is an open source framework for building a command line interface (CLI) in Node.js. Create CLIs with a few flags or advanced CLIs that have subcommands. oclif makes it easy for you to build CLIs for your company, service, or your own development needs. Built with love by Heroku.

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  • scala
  • apache spark
  • javascript
  • nodejs
  • react


  • Cloud
  • machine learning
  • natural language processing
  • web applications
  • user interface
  • cli
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Salesforce 2019 Projects

  • Ashwin S Shenoy
    Extending & Improving Design System React
    Design System React (short for Lightning Design System for React) is a react implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Design System, which an Open...
  • Moulik Aggarwal
    Linter for oclif
    This project aims at adding custom rules for the oclif in TypeScript and Javascript such that other developers can create their CLI without any...