Promoting open source compliance through standard communication of SW licenses.

Develop and promote adoption of a specification to enable any party in a software supply chain, from the original author to the final end user, to accurately communicate the licensing information for any piece of copyrightable material that such party may create, alter, combine, pass on, or receive, and to make such information available in a consistent, understandable, and re-usable fashion, with the aim of facilitating license and other policy compliance.

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  • python
  • java
  • golang
  • xml


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SPDX (Software Product Data Exchange) 2019 Projects

  • Xavier Figueroa
    Additional Format Support for the Python Libraries
    Due to its need to programmatically handle SPDX Documents, SPDX has developed Python tools that parse and write SPDX Documents in RDF and TAG/VALUE...
  • Umang Taneja
    Enhance workflow for Online license request
    The aim of this proposal is to extend the functionalities of the new license requests submittal by adding checks for duplicate license requests and...
  • ndip007
    Porting the SPDX libraries to JavaScript/Node
    This project will focus on implementing a JavaScript library to parse, validate and create SPDX documents. This library will implement an SPDX...
  • Tanjong Agbor Smith
    Registry for License List Namespaces
    SPDX provides a license list for commonly used open source license - the SPDX License List. SPDX also supports defining licenses within the SPDX...
  • Ekong Obie Philip
    SPDX Document Generator for projects using SPDXIDs
    Forward thinking open source projects are adopting SPDXIDs in source files (initially U-Boot, but now much wider use like Zephyr, Linux Kernel, etc.)...
  • Nitish Sharma
    SPDX Specification in PDF and HTML
    The primary objective of the project is to generate both HTML and PDF versions of the SPDX Specification from markdown. The HTML and PDF version will...
  • Rouhiyyeh
    SPDX Specification in PDF and HTML
    The 2.1 SPDX specification source files exist in markdown and now generates an HTML version The goal in this GSoC will be to find an approach to...
  • Abhishek Gaur
    Upgrade Parser Libraries for Golang
    The project tools-golang is a set of packages in Golang intended to assist the programmers of Go language to work with SPDX files. At Present, the...