Open-source software and hardware technologies for space

[Libre Space Foundation] is working on several free software, open hardware and open data projects directly and indirectly related to space applications and technologies while producing open-data and know how for all.

One of the most active Libre Space projects is SatNOGS, the open global satellite ground-station network. It is designed as an open source participatory project based on the users operating a ground station that is accessed via a web page for all of the network users. A basic ground station can be made up of commercial off the shelf components that are commonly available with a static omnidirectional antenna, to more complex stations with multiple movable antennas. To facilitate the later we provide open hardware for those that want to build their own. As of the time of writing 100+ stations are on-line in the SatNOGS Network and 50+ are tested globally by University cubesat teams, companies, and individual contributors. Data from the Network are stored in the SatNOGS DataBase and are visualized in the SatNOGS Dashboard.

Libre Space together with the University of Patras are also the makers of UPSat, the 1st free software, open-hardware cubesat.

Libre Space Foundation is also implementing the European Space Agency activity SDR Maker Space working on several open-source Software Defined Radio sub-activities, to facilitate satellite communications.

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  • python
  • django
  • arduino
  • raspberry pi
  • c/c++


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Libre Space Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Aditya Malshikhare
    Machine Learning on Health- Keeping Telemetry for Cubesat Awareness and Diagnostics
    The project aims to analyze a satellite set of telemetry to understand links and dependencies among different subsystems. The project should be able...
  • Vidit Jain
    PLUTO DSL in Python
    Developing an open source parser for PLUTO that can read PLUTO scripts as input and generate valid Python 3 code from the script.