The Advanced Open Source Enterprise Wiki

XWiki is an open source software development platform based on the wiki principles, under the LGPL license. In addition to being a full-featured wiki, it is also a second generation wiki allowing effortless development of collaborative web applications. On top of this platform a plethora of applications are developed, targeted mainly on aiding enterprise-level needs.

XWiki has a vibrant community of developers and users, consisting of individual users as well as organizations around the world that are using XWiki for their own Communities or Intranets.

Within XWiki, the development involves several levels: server-side platform programming in Java with Servlet technologies, server-side application development in Velocity, Groovy, and client-side development in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

We propose projects that cover server-side Servlet programming and client-side rich application development, together with usability and performance improvements.

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  • java
  • javascript
  • html5
  • css3
  • velocity


  • Web
  • web development
  • wiki
  • platform
  • web applications
  • structured data
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XWiki 2019 Projects

  • Ashish Sharma-1
    Helm chart for XWiki
    To develop official helm chart of xwiki so that it can be seamlessly deployed to Kubernetes. The chart should be configurable and highly available.
  • Fawad Ali
    Map Application
    This project is about the development of interactive maps in XWiki. Creation of an application within XWiki that will allow users to generate...
  • jaindiv26
    This is the proposal with respect to the task I'll be pursuing in the GSOC 2019. In this document I've briefly explained about the task I'll be doing...