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Why Oppia?

Oppia’s aim is to provide personalized tutoring to every single person in the world, especially those whose educational needs are not currently being served well. The Oppia platform allows collaborative creation of interactive learning experiences that simulate a friendly, non-judgmental tutor.

Interactive learning

Oppia teaches content in small units called explorations. Learners (users who visit Oppia to learn something) explore a new topic through an exploration. Explorations can have multiple paths the learner may take depending on their answers (similar to video games). Different answers result in Oppia responding differently.

A user may repeatedly struggle on a certain question. Oppia can detect this and branch away from the current topic, so that learners may practice fundamentals before attempting that question again. Oppia aims to act like a tutor, an educational guide who can help learners practice topics and watch for any mistakes they might make. One of the most important roles of Oppia is to gently show learners where they went wrong and instruct them on a correct approach.

Community-driven lesson creation

The other half of Oppia is a community of creators (users who create explorations). Oppia offers tools for creating new explorations with the goal of allowing anyone to teach just about anything. Creating explorations is very much like creating a video game, and we face some similar challenges. Our exploration editor needs to help creators identify spots in their explorations where users are struggling, or facilitate the creation of targeted responses and branches for certain types of learner answers (such as addressing common misconceptions among learners). Work in this area also includes facilitating the community side of Oppia by encouraging collaborative lesson creation among all topic areas.

Come join us!

Oppia is a very exciting project to work on and we're really excited for more people to join us!

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  • angularjs
  • python
  • javascript
  • app engine
  • css


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Oppia Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Anubhav Sinha
    Asking students why they picked a particular answer
    A feature to the lesson player that allows students to explain how they arrived at a (wrong) answer. The aim of this feature is to encourage...
  • Rishav Chakraborty
    Improve back-end test coverage and upgrade it to support Python 3
    This project aims to improve backend test coverage to 100%, and then migrate the backend codebase to be simultaneously compatible with both Python 2...
  • Shiqi Wu
    Review tests and other improvements to the questions framework
    This project aims to add review tests and improve the current question framework. After this project, review tests will be shown after going through...
  • James John James
    Static Serving
    Currently, Oppia is serverside rendered using the jinja templating engine. This poses some performance issues since each time a page is being loaded,...