Package manager for macOS

MacPorts is a port collection and packaging system for macOS. Created in 2002, we have an ever-growing collection of ports, many of which accept multiple configuration variants. We support the largest scope of Macs, OS X 10.4 through macOS 10.14, and many ports support a similar breadth of systems.

As one of the primary means of building and installing open source software on macOS, MacPorts is an important interface between Mac operating systems and the rest of the open source world, greatly simplifying the task of compiling and installing open-source software on your Mac.

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  • tcl
  • c
  • python
  • scripting
  • web


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MacPorts 2019 Projects

  • Karan Sheth
    Automating Packaging for Macports
    While creating a Portfile for MacPorts one has to manually write the file or depending on the upstream use tools such as pypi2port, cpan2port, etc....
  • Rajdeep Bharati
    Macports Custom Views Plugin for Buildbot
    MacPorts currently uses a legacy version of Buildbot (0.8) as its continuous integration framework and hasn’t upgraded due to certain drawbacks in...
  • Ahmad Satryaji Aulia
    Phase Out Xcode Dependency
    Currently, a full Xcode installation is needed to install MacPorts. In reality this is overkill, as most of the packages on the MacPort do not need...
  • Arjun Salyan-1
    Web App (with API) to Collect PortIndex, Build History and Installation Statistics
    The website would have a dynamic page for each port which would display Port Information: Name, Description, Version, Maintainers (github and...