An open-source framework to develop and manage robot components.

RoboComp is an open-source Robotics framework providing the tools to create and modify software components that communicate through public interfaces. Components may require, subscribe, implement or publish interfaces in a seamless way. Building new components is done using two domain-specific languages, IDSL and CDSL. With IDSL you define an interface and with CDSL you specify how the component will communicate with the world. With this information, a code generator creates C++ and/or Python sources, based on CMake, that compile and execute flawlessly. When some of these features have to be changed, the component can be easily regenerated and all the user-specific code is preserved thanks to a simple inheritance mechanism.

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  • python
  • c++11
  • component-based development
  • qt
  • opencv


  • Other
  • robotics
  • computer vision
  • multi-agent system
  • component-based development
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RoboComp 2019 Projects

  • Mariyam Fedoseeva
    Development of a human activity recognition component
    Understanding actions and interactions of humans from the RGB-D sensor input can significantly improve cognitive functions of robots and help safely...
  • Isabel Najarro Borrego-1
    Development of a Text To Speech component that operates offline for the EBO educational robot
    My project is based on the fact that the offline component to be created for EBO gives it the ability to speak through a TTS modulating the voice...
  • Liubove Orlov Savko
    Development of human activity recognition component
    The task of recognizing and predicting human daily activities is a trending topic nowadays, and a lot of research has been developed around ...
  • Shashwat Shrivastava
    Interactive RCIS Project Proposal
    Building an interactive robotic simulator in order to simulate the complex real world. As real worlds are dynamic in nature we need a simulator where...
  • Ronit Jorvekar
    Learning acceptable social behaviour using machine learning techniques
    Machines have been socially aware but the efforts to be put into making them socially aware or their behavior to be socially acceptable are...
  • José Manuel Agúndez
    New examples and scenarios for swarm robotics in RoboComp
    Swarm robotics is an approach to the coordination of large numbers of robots in order to tackle a given task inspired by the observation of social...
  • Aditya Aggarwal
    People identification component for the EBO educational robot
    Aim of this project is to develop a People Identification System with the following two capabilities. Given an image identify all the faces in it...
  • Elena Barranco
    Robocompdsl-gui: a graphical interface for Robocompdsl
    RoboComp is an open-source robotics framework that affords the tools to create software components. These components communicate through interfaces...
  • Alberto Andújar
    Storage of the graph-based world representation used in RoboComp
    My proposal aims to create a new component that allows to store the representation of the robot’s world over time, as well as query it. For this, it...
  • Nikhil-Bansal
    Testing and comparison of alternative robotic simulators
    RoboComp’s existing simulator, RCIS, is based on OpenSceneGraph technology and custom made actuators and sensor. This project is to build prototypes...