A project to create an open-sourced managed Postgresql service for Kubernetes

The Postgres operator manages PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes::

The operator watches additions, updates, and deletions of PostgreSQL cluster manifests and changes the running clusters accordingly. For example, when a user submits a new manifest, the operator fetches that manifest and spawns a new Postgres cluster along with all necessary entities such as Kubernetes StatefulSets and Postgres roles.

The operator also watches updates to its own configuration and alters running Postgres clusters if necessary. For instance, if a pod docker image is changed, the operator carries out the rolling update. That is, the operator re-spawns one-by-one pods of each Postgres cluster it manages with the new Docker image.

Finally, the operator periodically synchronizes the actual state of each Postgres cluster with the desired state defined in the cluster's manifest.

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  • postgresql
  • kubernetes
  • golang
  • operator
  • patroni


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    The Postgres Operator is a project to create an open-sourced managed Postgres service for Kubernetes. The Postgres operator manages Postgres clusters...