Generic templated configuration management for kubernetes and more

Kapitan is a tool to manage complex devops deployments using jsonnet, jinja2 or pure python. Use Kapitan to manage your Kubernetes manifests, your documentation, your Terraform configuration or even simplify your scripts for multiple environments. Kapitan introduces the notion of an inventory which contains all your (environment or code) variables. Based on those variables you can then build your infrastructure conditionally to fit every kind of environment or code you want to deploy. If you like tinkering with your linux shell configurations or use ansible, puppet or chef to manage deployments you will enjoy the power of Kapitan.

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  • kubernetes
  • terraform
  • python
  • jinja2
  • jsonnet


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Kapitan 2019 Projects

  • Yoshiaki Nishimura
    New features for Kapitan
    This proposal consists of a few tasks that implement new features for Kapitan which I believe will add value to the software. Task 1: dependency...