Ultralight service mesh for Kubernetes and beyond

Linkerd gives you observability, reliability, and security for your microservices — with no code change required.

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  • golang
  • rust
  • kubernetes
  • react
  • prometheus


  • Cloud
  • service mesh
  • cloud native
  • networking
  • kubernetes
  • dev-ops
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Linkerd 2019 Projects

  • Tarun Reddy
    Service Mesh Interface Metrics
    SMI-Metrics aims to have a commen interface to get metrics from servish mesh implementations. Applications, Tools can be built targeting this...
  • Rui (Ray) Guo
    Support Kafka metrics in Linkerd
    In this proposal, we aim to implement the detection and analysis of the Kafka traffic in Linkerd so that users can watch their Kafka service in a...