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The GNOME project builds the technologies, platform, middle-ware, applications and environment to create a free software solution for using your personal computer. As part of your GSoC internship, you will have an opportunity to attend GNOME's biggest annual conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the end of August.

The GNOME project is:


Our board is democratically elected, and technical decisions are made by the engineers doing the work. We are supported by many organisations; employees from over a hundred companies have contributed since the project began.


We believe that software should be developed in the open. Our development infrastructure and communication channels are public, and our code can be freely downloaded, modified and shared with others. All our contributors have the same rights.


Our project is an important part of the Free Software ecosystem. We work with other free projects to create high-quality solutions that span the entire software stack.


Our software is translated into many languages and comes with built in accessibility features. This means that it can be used by anyone, regardless of the language they speak or their physical abilities.

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  • c
  • javascript
  • gtk+
  • python
  • rust


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GNOME 2019 Projects

  • Sajeer Ahamed Riyaf
    Converting GStreamer plugins to Rust
    GStreamer plugins are written in C and the developers are pursuing in an attempt to convert them to Rust which is more robust and easy to maintain. I...
  • Sumaid
    GNOME Music: Full stack MusicBrainz integration
    The ultimate goal of the proposal is to provide a seamless integration between Gnome Music and MusicBrainz services. This integration will include...
  • Xiang Fan
    gtk4-rs: GTK 4 Rust Bindings
    With GTK 4 around the corner, supporting it in Rust allows more developers to fully utilize Rust in GNOME development with its rich feature and...
  • Gaurav Agrawal
    Implement side by side diff view in Gitg
    At this time, there's only a unified diff to show changes in gitg. Split view (original and modified file side by side) is a handy representation of...
  • Mayank_Sharma
    Improve Google-Drive support for GVfs
    Currently, the Google-Backend for GVfs supports only a subset of operations allowed by Google-Drive on the web-interface. The major problem with...
  • Stefanos Dimos
    Polari - Preview Links
    The proposed project is the implementation of Preview Links within the Polari IRC. People often share links during conversation and a number of times...
  • Ravgeet Dhillon
    Rework the GTK Website
    The ultimate goal of my project is to redesign and redevelop the GTK’s official website by providing it a design that follows current...
  • Andrei Lişiţă
    Saved States Manager for GNOME Games
    An attempt at implementing this feature