We support the infrastructure of the Internet with Open Source

Why Network Infrastructure?

Networking is complicated - you can't just do whatever you want, it requires adhering to agreed upon standards for interoperability and stability. The ISC team has helped write those standards, as well as implement them. The Internet infrastructure projects we work on present very interesting problems, including performance, interoperability, flexibility, resilience, security, and even user experience. Major carriers and service providers use our software - as do schools, airports, hospitals and small businesses. Working on core infrastructure gives you an opportunity to have a significant impact.

Our Team

BIND 9 and Kea are maintained by full-time senior engineers with a lot of experience in networking and software development. We have to have high standards: coding standards, code reviews, continuous integration testing, continuous fuzzing, continuous performance testing. ISC's engineers work from home, wherever they live, which is all around the world. We keep in touch with on-line chat mailing lists, and frequent video conference calls.

How You Could Contribute

BIND 9 and Kea are fairly large and complicated software projects, but both need more than we can provide: we need to improve our usability, we have lots of ideas for useful tools, we need better documentation, and we have many features we would love to add. If you look at our user mailing lists or our GitLab issue trackers, you will see we have an active and vocal user community. Besides contributing directly to the main BIND or Kea projects, there are many other possible projects - including dashboards for metrics and status, configuration tools and maintenance and testing utilities.

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Internet Systems Consortium 2019 Projects

  • Franciszek G√≥rski
    Kea statistics enhancements
    Kea is currently able to report dozens of statistics. However, for each statistic there is only one specific value being reported. For certain types...