Community of Java projects around JBoss Middleware

JBoss Community is a community of open source projects. The community hosts a large number of projects that are written in various programming languages. The primary language is Java. But there are also projects that are written in Ruby, PHP, Node and other languages.

Project categories range from better testing support over IDEs, application servers, application and performance monitoring to micro-services.

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  • java
  • golang
  • react


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JBoss Community 2019 Projects

  • Kartik Sapra
    Adding more options in Fabric8-Maven-Plugin for building images
    The project aims to add more options to fabric maven plugin for building images for OpenShift build mode. Right now fmp supports two kinds of binary...
  • KunalKushwaha
    Adding support for missing resources & missing test coverage in Kubernetes-Client.
    Adding support in Kubernetes Client for several types of Resources: ServiceCatalog TemplateInstance VolumeAttachment CertificateSigningRequest ...
  • Lavanya Gaur
    Conflict Resolution and Offline Support for the AeroGear Android SDK
    The aim is to extend Data Sync ( Data Synchronization using Voyager Framework ) to android by porting of the current aerogear-js-SDK (in which it is...
  • Lakshya Khera
    Development of modules with new UI/UX
    Development of 16 modules for the DONUT platform for better UI/UX. To simplify the configuration, these predefined modules will have the most common...
  • Lkop
    EAT (Eap Additional Testsuite)
    Test new features that will help develop the application and work on all versions of the software.
  • Pantelis Tzamalis
    JBoss - Release Notes Generation Tool
    The proposed tool aims to collect, process, and analyze data from various Bug Tracking Systems. The outcomes by this processed data are easily...
  • Ankit Jena
    Resolver First, Secure and OpenShift Ready, Out of the Box Backend Solution using Voyager Framework.
    The goal of the project is to provide production ready, autoconfigured service that will be using all the AeroGear Voyager Server functionalities and...
  • Bhaskar Gupta
    Script Engine Integration for Elytron
    WildFly Elytron is a new security framework developed by WildFly to provide a single unified security framework across whole of the application...