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The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Founded in 2007 as a merger of the former Free Standards Group (FSG) and the former Open Source Developer Lab (OSDL), the LF sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and is supported by leading Linux and open source companies and developers from around the world. The Linux Foundation promotes, protects and standardizes Linux by providing unified resources and services needed for open source to successfully compete with closed platforms. For more see our About page. All software produced by us is free software published under OSI-approved licenses. See project ideas page for the license used by each project.

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The Linux Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Song Qiang
    Add Driver Support for AD5940 in the IIO Subsystem
    Writing the driver of AD5940 in the IIO subsystem and add support for manipulating ADC channels, DAC channels, internal temperature sensor and GPIO...
  • Andra Danciu
    ASoC codec driver
    The goal of the project is to write a driver for I2S Stereo Decoder - UDA1334A
  • Dheeraj
    Generic Framework to turn legacy drivers consisting of CUPS filters and PPDs into Printer Applications
    In classic CUPS-based printing environment, the PPD files and print filters have to be put into standardized directories of the CUPS installation....
  • Tanmay Anand
    Improve the pdftoraster filter
    Currently, pdftoraster uses the Poppler libraries which are unstable and change their function definition after updates due to which there are...
  • Sharad Shukla
    IPP: ipptool test suite updates for IPP errata updates
    I aim to develop additional IPP tool test scripts for IPP errata including IPP Document Object v1.1, IPP Job Extensions v1.1, and IPP 3D Printing...
  • Aakash Lahoti
    ipptool test suite for IPP System Service
    ipptool is used for development and debugging of IPP-related software and for PWG self-certification for IPP Everywhere printers for driverless...
  • Marcelo Schmitt
    Proposal for GSoC 2019 IIO Driver: AD7292
    Main goal: have the AD7292 driver in the Linux kernel tree. Secondary goal: develop a series of tutorial posts for newcomers. The following...