Promote Openness through use and development of Open Standards and Open Source

Open Technologies Alliance(GFOSS) is a platform for Open Standards, Free Software, Open Content, Open Data & Open Hardware in Greece. The major Greek Universities and Research Centers participate in GFOSS, while leading members of the Greek community of developers play a key role in the implementation of our policies. Through our initiatives we aspire to contribute to coordinating the efforts of groups of volunteers, enabling them to form the backbone of Greek FOSS development and implementation.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • gtk
  • qt
  • arduino


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Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS 2019 Projects

  • Christos Chronis
    A DIY Robot kit for educators
    Hello, my name is Christos Chronis postgraduate student of Harokopio University of Athens in Informatics and Telematics department. I have a great...
  • Dimitrios Styliaras
    Ajax based interface Cscout
    Create a modern dynamic interface for the CScout project
  • Dimitris Katsiros
    Anonymisation Through Data Encryption of Sensitive Data in ODT and Text Files in Greek Language
    The GDPR defines pseudonymization and the processing of personal data in such a way that the data can no longer be attributed to a specific data...
  • Panagiotis Antoniadis
    Creation of an online Greek mail dictation system, using Sphinx and personalized acoustic/language model training
    The purpose of the project is the implementation of an online Greek mail dictation system. In practice, the user will dictate the mail that wants to...
  • Konstantinos Agiannis
    Development of a Greek open source Morphological dictionary and application of it to Greek spelling tools
    The goal of this project is the development of a Greek open source Morphological dictionary and integration of it into Greek spelling tools. Data...
  • Panagiotis Papantonakis
    Development of a Tool for Extracting Quantitative Text Profiles
    Text analysis is a fascinating field that attracts people from many scientific fields. As of today, text analysis is executed through powerful...
  • Sotirios Papadiamantis
    Greek Government Gazette text mining, cross-linking and codification - 3gm
    The Greek Government Gazette text mining project or 3gm, is an open-source automatic codification project using Natural Language Processing...
  • Spyridon Stravoravdis
    Port Qt Quick Controls Calendar widget to Qt Quick Controls 2 module
    Brief Explanation Qt is an open source cross platform framework facilitating GUI applications development, for mobile, desktop and embedded devices....
  • alkisg
    Replacement of LTSP
    LTSP (Linux Terminal Service Project) allows diskless workstations to be netbooted from a single server image, with centralized authentication and...
  • Vyron Drosos
    Round-trip integration between GitHub/GitLab issues and git-issue
    Git-issue is a minimalist issue management system based on git. It strives to be simple to use, decentralized, and in line with existing Unix...
  • Fani Dimou
    The missing features of NextCloudPi: Automatic installation and integration of several apps on NextCloudPi and implementation of new features and options
    NextCloudPi (NCP) is a preinstalled and preconfigured Nextcloud, which can be used as cloud service to self host securely private data. NCP is open...
  • Michail Chatzianastasis
    Thesis Management System
    I propose the development of a web application that will support the whole lifecycle of a thesis creation, namely, a Thesis Management System(TMS)...
    Upgrade UMLGraphs with Java's new doclet API
    Java and UML (Unified Modeling Language) are very strongly connected. As for the Java programming itself there are countless software and editors...