The Ruby programming language and other libraries

The Ruby organization collects mentors and students working on the Ruby language (MRI), the Ruby packaging system (Bundler, RubyGems, and, and other Ruby projects. Any Ruby OSS project is eligible to be included in the Ruby GSOC organization.

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Ruby 2019 Projects

  • Jongmin Kim
    A Rails 6 package transition in Debian
    Upgrade the Rails to 6.0.0 and patch all 169 Debian packages that depend on the Rails to be compatible with Rails 6.0.0. Rails (Ruby on Rails) is one...
  • Shunji Nishitani
    Adding Autocomplete Function in Search UI
    In website, we can search for any kinds of gems you want. However, most programmers use google or any other websites to look for gems...
  • Or Hadad
    Bundler and gem metrics, statistics and analytics
    Bundler includes some basic information in the User-Agent header during HTTP requests to gem servers, but this information is insufficient and...
  • Matheus Richard
    Integrate functionality from gem-web into RubyGems gem CLI
    Gem-web is a tool that capable of providing an interface that allows opening documentation, source code and website of a ruby gem. Integrating it on...
  • Nakul Warrier
    Recursive tree view for gem dependencies
    This project would add a feature on the website to give an option on each gem web page to show a tree/DAG of all transitive dependencies...