fast, scalable, distributed revision control system

Git is the most widely-used revision control system in Open Source. It is a distributed system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

Many large and successful projects use Git, including the Linux Kernel, Perl, Eclipse, Gnome, KDE, Qt, Ruby on Rails, Android, PostgreSQL, Debian, and

This organization covers projects for Git itself. Other git-based software or services are not covered by this organization.

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Git 2019 Projects

  • __rohit
    Improve consistency of sequencer commands
    Since when it was created in 2005, the git rebase command has been implemented using shell scripts that are calling other git commands. Commands like...
  • Matheus Tavares
    Make pack access code thread-safe
    As direct as possible, the goal with this project is to make more of Git’s codebase thread-safe, so that we can improve parallelism in various...