Devoted to the advancement of the Perl languages through discussion and code

The Perl Foundation was founded as Yet Another Society to coordinate the efforts of numerous grass-roots Perl-based groups including International Perl Conferences (TPC/YAPC/EPC/PerlCon), the many Perl members organisations, projects, workshops and meetups. The Perl Foundation carries the legal responsibility Perl languages and websites.

Our desire is to further enhance learning of programmers of the Perl and the understanding of the Perl ecosystem and community.

Perl is an established family of languages (Perl 5 and Perl 6) that is part of almost every Linux/UNIX distribution and prevalent on may others.

We have a long history of participation in the Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in which has resulted in very successful applications and experiences. Almost all of the GSoC students have become well known Perl programmers and some have gone on to help organise international conferences in the Perl community along with developing projects, libraries and modules. The main remit of the Perl Foundation is to:

Cultivate a collaborative open source community and an ecosystem of computer language implementations collectively known as "Perl"

  • Foster the creation of complementary tools, libraries, extensions, and applications around Perl
  • Promoting Perl to members of the general public through the use of open source licensing
  • Educating members of the general public in the application of Perl
  • Advancing Perl through scientific research and development
  • Receiving and administering funds to aid, support and assist by gifts, grants, contributions or otherwise other persons or organizations of any kind, provided that such activities are consistent with the foregoing purposes.

The Perl Foundation supports a large number of online, and offline, resources and meetings to further enhance Perl as a valuable language in the modern programmer's toolbox.

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The Perl Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Zhongnian Tao
    Implementing the Chinese Encoding for Perl 6
    Develop encoding and decoding of GB2312 and GB18030 (simplified Chinese) for perl6.
  • Madeleine Goebel
    Linking Perl 6 Programs
    This project will add the capacity for Perl 6 to produce and execute self-contained binaries on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. I will start with an...
  • Joel Dale Schüller
    Perl 6 - Documentation Tooling Revamp: p6doc
    Improving the p6doc command line tool.
  • Antonio Gámiz Delgado
    Redesign of the Perl 6 Documentation System
    Currently, pod6 files are processed by various scripts and modules (htmlify.p6, Pod::To::HTML, Pod::To::BigPage,...), that has repeated...