VideoLAN is a team of volunteers believing in FOSS to rock the multimedia world.

The team behind VLC media player is the biggest team at VideoLAN. VideoLAN itself is a non-profit organization headquartered in Paris, France, lead and composed by a team of volunteers, that believes in the power of open source when dealing with multimedia. It began as a student driven university project at Ecole Centrale Paris in 1996.

Since 2001, VLC developed steadily from a GNU/Linux-only network stream player to a fully fledged media player and streaming server architecture available for GNU/Linux, BSD, MS Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android and OS/2. We estimate an installed base on MS Windows of 320,000,000 copies along with 30,000,000 on OS X and uncountable copies on GNU/Linux and BSD. Recently, we crossed 3 billion downloads of all versions over the project life time.

While we are a small team of about 12 people, our mission is to get VLC out to as many user as possible on virtually any platform. The whole VideoLAN community is around 25 people, all working in different projects, like VLC, dav1d, rav1e, x264 or VLMC.

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  • c
  • opengl
  • qt
  • assembly
  • c++


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VideoLAN 2019 Projects

  • Krishnan Iyer
    dav1d ARM NEON optimization
    The project deals with analysing the implemented C functions and then implementing their corresponding assembly function using NEON registers and...
  • Pablo Stebler
    dav1d compute shaders
    This project will provide initial infrastructure to make dav1d capable of offloading some work to the GPU using shaders and APIs such as OpenGL,...
  • Aakash Singh
    Integrate JS in VLC
    This project aims at integrating a JavaScript engine into VLC to enable extensions development and scripting support inside VLC in JS. This project...
  • Robert Gordon
    Modernize VLC-iOS UI and UX designs
    This project aims to increase VLC's iOS app popularity and user retention by modernizing its UI and UX.
  • jlut
    NVDEC hardware acceleration support
    VLC currently uses DXVA2 (DirectX), VA-API (Intel-focused) and VDPAU (Nvidia-focused) for GPU accelerated decoding. Nvidia’s NVDEC (formerly CUVID)...
  • Shivansh Saini
    VLC on Android Testsuite
    This project aims to contribute to the stability of Android port of VLC, by writing test suites for the VLC android codebase, along with libVLC and...
  • Abel Tesfaye
    VLC Qt interface redesign
    To rework the VLC interface heavily and make it beautiful and useful again. I'll be working on redesigning the new interface(VLC 4.0) to make it...
  • Rohan Rajpal
    VLC Qt interface redesign
    The VLC interface is quite outdated on Linux and Windows. It has a lot of features, but some are not properly exposed. This project for the summer is...
  • Duncan McNAMARA
    VLC-Android Test Suite
    This GSoC would be about adding testing to VLC-Android, specifically testing UI Scenarios, adding tests to the medialibrary integration, and adding...