The Open Source Geospatial Foundation

OSGeo is a non-profit organization serving as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community in general and several code projects in particular:

Web Mapping

deegree, geomajas, GeoMOOSE, GeoServer, Mapbender, MapFish, MapGuide Open Source, MapServer, OpenLayers

Desktop Applications


Geospatial Libraries


Metadata Catalogues

GeoNetwork, pycsw

Content Management Systems


Other Incubating Projects

istSOS, MetaCRS, Opticks, Orfeo ToolBox (OTB), PyWPS, Team Engine, ZOO-Project

Other (non-code) Projects

GeoForAll (Education and Curriculum), OSGeo-Live DVD, Public Geospatial Data

We host regional and international FOSS4G conferences with typical attendance of 500-1100+ geospatial developers, industry and government leaders, and researchers. Our mailing lists collectively go out to ~ 30,000 unique subscribers.

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  • c/c++
  • python
  • sql
  • open source databases
  • java


  • Other
  • gis
  • maps
  • geoinformatics
  • geolocation
  • computer vision
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OSGeo 2019 Projects

  • Aditya Vitthalrao
    Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application
    MapMint4ME (MM4ME) is an android application allows user to take photos, record their positions, and view their current location on map based on...
  • H├ęctor Tundidor
    Create of new topological rules in gvSIG desktop
    The project consists of the creation of three new topological rules in the gvSIG desktop toolbox. These rules are '' Must be disjoint '', "Must not...
  • Hang Wu
    GSoC 19: GRAPH C++ Boost graph algorithms for pgRouting
    My project will focus on implementing topological sort, transitive closure and lengauer tarjan dominator tree.
  • Gudesa Venkata Sai Akhil
    Implement Edward Moore's Algorithm, Breadth First Search and Binary Breadth First Search Algorithms in pgRouting
    Edward Moore's Algorithm is an improvement over Bellman-Ford's algorithm and can compute single-source shortest paths in weighted (including negative...
  • Fenil Mehta
    MapMint - porting from Python 2.x to Python 3.x
    At present the MapMint project is running on Python 2.x whose support will soon end in 2020 and MapMint is unable to take advantage of the...
  • Mauro Carlevaro
    New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop
    Before starting the project only a few topology rules have been implemented, most of them pending to be developed. With the project was achieved...
  • Ismail Sunni
    QGIS 3D Improvement: On Screen Navigation, Bookmarks, Rendering Point Feature as Billboard, and Measuring Tool
    QGIS 3D is a great feature that has been introduced in QGIS 3.0 in 2018. It is still missing some features that are needed or can be helpful for the...