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Pharo an open source project released under the MIT Licence. Pharo is a minimal, elegant, pure, reflective object language. Everything in Pharo is an object. The entire syntax of Pharo fits on a postcard coding can be done directly in the debugger. Pharo has super cool tools that empower you and make you super efficient. Pharo's goal is to deliver a clean, innovative, free and open-source immersive environment. By providing a stable and small core system, excellent developing tools, and maintained releases, Pharo is an attractive platform to build and deploy mission critical applications. Pharo fosters a healthy ecosystem of both private and commercial contributors who advance and maintain the core system and its external packages.

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  • squeak
  • smalltalk
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Pharo Consortium 2019 Projects

  • Evelyn Cusi López
    Better and more refactorings for Pharo
    Refactoring tools help pharo developers to perform a number of predefined refactorings in automated fashion. However, besides the options provided by...
  • Atharva Khare
    Extending DataFrame library
    Aim of this project is to include advanced features in DataFrame library such as handling missing values, as well as to improve documentation...
  • Nina Medić
    Graph library with layouting algorithms
    My project is about creating a complet, reusable library for graphs including the layouting algorithms, in Pharo. The idea is to leave it open for...
  • Myroslava Romaniuk
    Improving Code Completion
    In the ten years since its creation, the Pharo programming environment has evolved greatly: it now has Github support and many cool tools; it’s...
  • Smiljana Knezev
    New Collections for Pharo
    The project idea is to work on the development of the Containers library and to develop, collect, clean, test and document alternate collections and...
  • Dayne Guerra Calle
    Next Generation Unit Testing
    In Pharo almost every project uses SUnit and because of that working in enhancing SUnit and provide a user interface is valuable for everyone....
  • Nikhil Pinnaparaju
    NLP Library for Pharo
    The aim of this project is to bring SpaCy and Gensim functionality to Pharo. Along with that, I plan on integrating all the existing functioning NLP...