Global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world

Wikimedia envisions a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. It spans various projects, local chapters and support structures of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

There are 13 projects that Wikimedia officially supports including Wikipedia, a fifth most popular site on the internet and a well known free knowledge project in the world. Wikipedia is used by more than 400 million people every month in over 300 languages. Some of Wikipedia's sister projects are Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, MediaWiki, Wikivoyage, etc. All major projects of Wikimedia are collaboratively developed by users around the world using the MediaWiki software.

There is much more to do that you can help Wikimedia achieve: stabilize infrastructure, increase participation, improve quality, increase reach and foster innovation.

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Wikimedia Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Amit Joki
    Add Multi-Wiki Support to WikiEduDashboard
    WikiEduDashboard is a versatile tool to engage in peer-learning through editing and reviewing the Wiki Articles. Currently, the tracking of articles...
  • AdityaJ
    Create a subpage for statistics and charts related to a hashtag search
    There are various Wikimedia projects that are edited by volunteers around the world. Hashtag Search is a tool that allows users to search for uses of...
  • Rammanoj Potla
    Develop a tool for event organizers to track developer activity
    The project is to develop a tool to track the contributions of developers across the platforms like Gerrit, Phabricator and GitHub using the...
  • Priyanshu Varshney
    GSoC 2019 Proposal: Page Forms - add an editable calendar interface
    The Forms made using the Page Forms extension for MediaWiki can be used to add and edit template calls in the pages. This project aims to add a...
  • Jay Prakash
    GSoC Proposal: Develop code samples in Javascript and PHP for API Modules
    This project will be about developing the sample code in two or more programming languages to demonstrate the use of MediaWiki Action API modules. In...
  • usmanmuhd
    Improve article recommendation pipeline
    The article recommendation pipeline consists of many parts. The project aims to improve article recommendation pipeline by solving the various issues...
  • Ankita Mandal
    Improve the interface of Special:ViewData in the Cargo extension
    The Cargo extension ( defines a page, Special:ViewData, that serves two purposes: (1) to display...
    Make notification counts update without page reload
    This project will involve: Updating the notifications count via a polling mechanism. Writing the code and user preference to temporarily display...
  • Vanshika Arora
    Proposal for Wikimedia Commons
    Add Structured Commons support to Commons Android app
  • Gopa Vasanth
    Tool to Cut Videos in Commons
    VideoCutTool will help to trim videos on-the-fly in Wikimedia Commons. Currently, a video in Wikimedia Commons cannot be edited online. They have to...
  • Ujjwal Agrawal
    Ujjwal Agrawal/ WikiEdu Dashboard Android App
    Wiki Edu Dashboard App is an Android client for the Wiki Education Dashboard API to support managing programs, including edit-a-thons, education...