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CCExtractor Development is the creator of the de-facto captions extraction tool - CCExtractor. It is the one tool that is free, portable, open source and community managed that can take a recording from a TV show and generate an external subtitle file for it.

If you regularly watch content with subtitles you download from fan sites - you should know that the source file is most likely generated by CCExtractor. If you are a student in a university that uses subtitles for natural language study, you should know that most likely we are involved somehow.

While we already support subtitles from North America, Europe, Australia and more, our world map is not yet complete. We are actively looking for students that want to help us fill the gaps. We also want to automate many of the processes that are currently done manually, such as achieving perfect sync, our media file management.

In addition to continuously evolve our core tool, we have a growing number of new projects: JokerTV integration, YouTube TV/Hulu support, AI, rclone, cloud, and a few more that are starting to take shape.

The best part is - students have flexibility of choosing projects from a wide range of topics & technologies and even propose their own. We provide exceptional resources for students. Read more about the perks on our website.

We’re very excited to take part in GSoC for the 7th time. Most of our past students are still involved and are active in the community, which simply goes on to show how friendly and approachable is the environment. If you want to be a part of such community and help achieve our goals, come join our Slack group or mailing list!

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  • ai
  • c
  • python
  • cloud
  • javascript


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CCExtractor Development 2019 Projects

  • Suyash Bajpai
    co-oCCur: High speed subtitle synchronization tool
    For an ideal subtitle file, the subtitles are perfectly aligned with the base audiovisual content. In other words, the audio and the corresponding...
  • thealphadollar
    Finalising Sample Platform
    Sample platform is CCExtractor’s platform that manages a test suite bot, sample uploads, running regression tests and much more. The purpose of the...
  • Bowen Chen
    Improve PiPot with new features and Continuous Intergration
    The goal of the project is to fish the proposed help wanted issues in PiPot GitHub branch, and set up Travis CI for PiPot. Along with feature...
  • Md. Faizullah Khan
    Poor man's Recognition
    Building a free version of Amazon rekognition with maximum possible feature during a 3 months’ time span.
  • pymit
    Poor Man's Rekognition
    A free alternative for Amazon's Rekognition API service.
  • thelastpolaris
    Poor Man's Rekognition
    Imagine a machine that can understand who was the main villain of Avengers: Endgame or what kind of relationships did Daenerys and John Snow have?...
  • buoyantbird
    Poor Man's Rekognition
    Rekognition is an Amazon service capable of identifying objects, text and activities, performing facial analysis and recognition, detecting the...
  • Sarfaraz Iraqui
    Poor Man's Rekognition
    Poor Man’s Rekognition (PMR) is aimed to provide an Open Source alternative to the paid Amazon Rekognition API. This summer, I aim to initiate PMR...
  • Chris Wang
    Synchronizing Lyrics to Audio with Syllable Nuclei Detection
    This project aims to develop a novel method of automatically synchronizing the lyrics of a song to its corresponding audio, i.e. a line from the...
  • Chaitanya Bankanhal
    Web Interface for rclone sync
    The project works on providing an all-rounder user interface that touches every aspect of rclone. The goal of this project is to make a streamlined...