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KDE is an international team co-operating on development and distribution of Free, Open Source Software for desktop and portable computing. Our community has developed a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment. We have a strong focus on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, creating a vibrant, open atmosphere for experimentation.

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KDE Community 2019 Projects

  • Ahmed Fathy
    [digiKam] Project: Zoomable and Resizable Brush for Healing Clone Tool
    Due to uncleanness of the camera, sometimes dusty spots appear in the captured image. Those dusty spots can be fixed by cloning similar regions from...
  • Thanh Trung Dinh
    AI Face Recognition with OpenCV DNN module
    digiKam is KDE desktop application for photos management. In digiKam, tags on photos are strongly supported for the sake of providing users with a...
  • Caio Tonetti
    An Improved Graph Theory IDE
    As a student, I use graphs in almost everything related to my master’s research. Graph Theory is a great mathematical tool for programmers and...
  • tusooa
    Better undo/redo for Krita
    Use snapshots (shallow copies of the document) instead of actions for the purposes of undo and redo in Krita. This simplifies the system and makes it...
  • Filip Fila
    Ensuring consistency between the SDDM login manager and the Plasma desktop
    The Plasma desktop does not have a hard dependency on any login manager, but the SDDM (Simple Desktop Display Manager) login manager is the...
  • Igor Antropov
    Faces Management workflow improvements
    DigiKam has powerful tool to auto detect and recognize faces on images. This feature is important for the end users, as it can save a lot of time....
  • Nikita Sirgienko
    Implement the import/export of Jupyter notebooks in Cantor
    Add to Cantor, a KDE program with similar functionality as Jupyter, feature to import/export Jupyter notebooks. It gives Cantor access to result of...
  • Ferencz Kovács
    Import of educational data sets available on the internet
    There are many internet pages providing data sets for educational and academic purposes concerning various fields of science, and not only...
  • João Netto
    Improve JavaScript support on Okular
    JavaScript is being widely used in PDF for all sort of things. Right now, Okular still fails to interpret and execute most of these JavaScript...
  • Inoki
    KDE Connect for macOS port
    Port KDE Connect to macOS with enhanced features, including native notification, context menu "Send-to", etc. This would make KDE Connect the first...
  • Piyush Aggarwal
    KDE Connect for Windows
    KDE Connect is an application to sync your connected devices. Some of the features of KDE Connect include:- - sync mobile and desktop device...
  • Farid Boudedja
    KDE ISO Image Writer
    KDE ISO Image Writer, which is part of the KDE neon project, is a tool to write ISO images into USB drives. It was forked from ROSA Image Writer and...
  • SonGeon
    kmarkdown-qtview with WYSIWYG markdown editor
    I want to make a new Markdown WYSIWYG editor with light-weight render written in C++ and QT for KDE. Support pagination, printing preview, better...
  • Rituka Patwal
    Nextcloud Integration on Plasma Mobile
    Develop a system to implement a bidirectional data synchronizer and deliver fully integrated solution for Nextcloud in Plasma Mobile by syncing data...
  • Akshay Kumar
    One step closer to version 1.0
    When using Gcompris the difficulty in an activity can increase too much and target different ages in the same levels. The aim of this project is to...
  • Feverfew
    Polishing KIOFuse
    KIOSlaves are a powerful feature within the KIO framework, allowing KIO-aware applications such as Dolphin to interact with services out of the local...
    Port Authentication to Polkit-qt
    KDE Partition Manager runs all the authentication or authorization protocols over KAuth (KDE Authentication), which is a tier 2 library from KDE...
  • sh_zam
    Port Krita to Android
    Krita is only available for desktop OSes, my proposal is to add the support to mobile devices, android to be specific. The proposal intends to build...
  • hellozee
    Porting Magnetic Lasso to Krita
    The Magnetic Lasso was lost during the port from Qt3 to Qt4, this project tries to continue the working to port the tool to the current version of...
  • Karina Pereira Passos
    Refactoring Khipu
    Khipu is a good mathematical software but it's still on their beta version with some bugs and some things missing. I'll refactor it to make clean...
  • Akhil K Gangadharan
    Revamping the Titler Tool
    Revamping the Titler Tool What does the titler tool do? : The titler tool is used to create clips containing text and images, which can be...
    Statistical analysis
    Currently, Labplot has a basic set of measures for statistical analysis (Regressions, Histogram Plots, Location Measures, Dispersion Measures and...