Moira is a realtime alerting system based on Graphite data

Moira is used to monitor systems in production.

It helps developers and DevOps engineers to set up triggers for metrics, subscribe to notifications via various channels, and monitor their systems in realtime. Moira consumes metrics in Graphite format and therefore integrates with Graphite and Prometheus.

Moira is powerful and caring. It supports complex expressions in triggers and tag-based subscriptions to notifications. Moira protects developers from alarm fatigue and helps to have calm on call shifts.

Moira is designed by SRE practitioners. It knows that the worst value for metrics is no data, supports maintenance mode for triggers, and uses notification scheduling and throttling.

Moira is written in Go and stores metrics in Redis. That's why Moira is blazingly performant. Moira also has a well-designed web UI which is written in JavaScript with React.

We have a number of backend (Go) and frontend (JavaScript) project ideas for this GSoC.

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  • golang
  • javascript
  • typescript
  • grafana
  • graphite


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Moira 2019 Projects

  • Aswin M Prabhu
    Add support for additional delivery channels to Moira
    The aim of this project is to add support for additional delivery channels to Moira. A delivery channel is used to alert the user based on Graphite...