• Monica Yao

    "Future-Proofing" Tedana
    Organization: INCF
    For tedana to expand, more extensive test cases are needed. A new contributor could have introduced an unknown bug into the codebase, but without...
  • Emily Thomas

    16.4 Open Data for OpenWorm
    Organization: INCF
    OpenWorm is an attempt to build a biophysical simulation of the model organism C. elegans via assimilation of published data from a range of sources....
  • Eugene Lyapustin

    360° video filter
    Organization: FFmpeg
    For the past several years 360° cameras have become far more accessible, and several video-sharing services enabled support for 360° videos (for...

    3D Traffic Sign Rendering in OSM2World
    Organization: OpenStreetMap
    OSM2World is a converter that renders 3D models of the world, based on exported OpenStreetMap data. As the project is still under construction and...
  • ThePhD

    7 Years Later: On vector<bool> and optimized Standard Algorithms in libstdc++
    Organization: GNU Compiler Collection
    With the coming revival of bit utilities paper for the C++ Standard and the potential of a new suite of bit utilities coming from a header [5], the...
  • Tanay Tummalapalli

    [BEAM-6611] A Python Sink for BigQuery with File Loads in Streaming
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This project aims to add support for File Loads method of inserting data into BigQuery for streaming pipelines. The PR - #7655 for [BEAM-6553] added...
  • Ahmed Fathy

    [digiKam] Project: Zoomable and Resizable Brush for Healing Clone Tool
    Organization: KDE Community
    Due to uncleanness of the camera, sometimes dusty spots appear in the captured image. Those dusty spots can be fixed by cloning similar regions from...
  • Kumar Mallikarjuna

    [GNU Wget] HTTP/2 Test Suite
    Organization: The GNU Project
    Adding HTTP/2 + TLS support to the test library and h2 specific tests.
  • Nadeeshan Gimhana

    [OODT-986] A React based new UI for OPSUI
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    At the present stage, Apache OODT provides a web app to monitor the status of each component and ingested files, metadata and workflows. This main...
  • Pranshu Srivastava

    `matcher.js` library and `Leaflet.DistortableImage` overhaul
    Organization: Public Lab
    This project is divided into two parts, namely, building a matcher.js library and revamping Public Lab's Leaflet.DistortableImage repository, a...
  • Christos Chronis

    A DIY Robot kit for educators
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    Hello, my name is Christos Chronis postgraduate student of Harokopio University of Athens in Informatics and Telematics department. I have a great...
  • Frederik Ramcke

    A language server for Dhall
    Organization: Haskell.Org
    The aim of the proposed project is to improve support for the Dhall language in mainstream editors via the Language Server Protocol standard.
  • Anand

    A Neural QA Model for DBpedia - Anand Panchbhai
    Organization: DBpedia
    With booming amount of information being continuously added to the internet, organising the facts and serving this information to the users becomes a...
  • Jian Cao

    A new framework in support of multiple MPI implementations
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    There are numerous MPI implementations in the Gentoo portage tree and far more in general, but most of them can't be installed together as is. The...
  • Gregory S Brownson

    A New Package for Empirical Asset Pricing Research, or EAPR
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    A major effort in empirical asset pricing research is the initial stage of gathering the data, cleaning and filtering it, and then formatting it in a...
  • Harman Deep Singh

    A Next Generation GUI for Visualizing Big Gridded Data in Python
    Organization: Earth Science Information Partners
    This project aims to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for big gridded geospatial data visualization in the browser interface backed by the...
  • sudo-panda

    A parameterized automata Library for VisualStates tool
    Organization: JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
    Improving VisualStates, a great tool for easily creating complex robot behaviour, by adding parameterisation to its automatas and an online automata...
  • Jongmin Kim

    A Rails 6 package transition in Debian
    Organization: Ruby
    Upgrade the Rails to 6.0.0 and patch all 169 Debian packages that depend on the Rails to be compatible with Rails 6.0.0. Rails (Ruby on Rails) is one...
  • Margaret Norton

    A small proposal for global environmental monitoring with Image Sequencer
    Organization: Public Lab
    The project will increase Image Sequencer capability while simultaneously demonstrating the ability to process satellite images. The general approach...
  • dxld

    A stronger foundation for interactive Haskell tooling
    Organization: Haskell.Org
    Inevitably new and prospective Haskell users will attempt to obtain editor/IDE integration for Haskell but unfortunately they are much more likely to...
  • mstoeckl

    A Wayland application proxy
    Organization: X.Org Foundation
    To create a program which acts as a Wayland proxy (client + server pair), and which can forward Wayland protocol information and local shared-memory...
  • ajp

    Accountability Classifier from Annotated Data
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    The objective of this project is to automatically detect types of accountability in news articles when describing crimes such as shootings, using a...
  • Keshavan Seshadri

    Active Learning Environment In 3Dmol.js
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    The 3D structures of protein and organic molecules are tough to understand since not all can visualize their structures in the mind. The project aims...
  • jguertl

    Active Learning for Guided Analytics
    Organization: KNIME
    The goal of this project is to implement an interactive JavaScript view to enable “Active Learning” within KNIME Analytics Platform. While KNIME...
  • Shreevari SP

    Activity Masking in rav1e
    Organization: Mozilla
    Adaptive Quantization based on an activity mask. The human eye is more tolerant towards errors in areas of high activity and is quick to find out...
  • Alex Mingfei Sun

    Actor support on Ignition
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    This project is about migrating skeleton animation, i.e. actors, so they can be loaded into Ignition Gazebo. The work will involve making sure that...
  • Akul Abhilash Pillai

    Adapting TriforceAFL for NetBSD kernel fuzzing
    Organization: The NetBSD Foundation
    To adapt the TriforceAFL kernel syscall fuzzer to effectively catch and report issues in the NetBSD kernel for amd64. TriforceAFL is a modified...
  • Pradyumna Bang

    Add blockchain and hyperledger support for the ‘Journal of Open Data Publications’
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    Open science is a movement that promotes open access to research data, publications, and scientific collaboration. It promises to increase...
  • Sage Muhammad Abdullah

    Add Cross-DB JSONField
    Organization: Django Software Foundation
    Django currently has limited support for JSONField. The support is provided in contrib.postgres.fields module, meaning it can only be used for...
  • Song Qiang

    Add Driver Support for AD5940 in the IIO Subsystem
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    Writing the driver of AD5940 in the IIO subsystem and add support for manipulating ADC channels, DAC channels, internal temperature sensor and GPIO...
  • Vijay Kumar Banerjee

    Add Framebuffer driver for Beaglebone Black
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    This Project aims to improve the Beaglebone Black (BBB) Board Support Package on RTEMS. The project intends to add HDMI Framebuffer support for the...
  • Navaneeth Suresh

    Add functionality to store an unresolved merge-state
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    Merge conflicts are part of every version control system structure. There can be situations in which some changes are necessary for a piece of...
  • Manikishan Ghantasala

    Add KNF (NetBSD style) clang-format configuration
    Organization: The NetBSD Foundation
    Add clang-format configuration ‘NetBSD’ reflecting KNF (Kernel Normal Form) NetBSD style and upstream it to the LLVM project. Find and specify...
  • Amit Joki

    Add Multi-Wiki Support to WikiEduDashboard
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    WikiEduDashboard is a versatile tool to engage in peer-learning through editing and reviewing the Wiki Articles. Currently, the tracking of articles...
  • Pranav Pandey

    Add new features on React Native client
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    Our React native implementation is relatively newer than its native counterparts hence lacks many of the important features and is more buggy. The...
  • Yash Lamba

    Add New Machine Learning Models
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    DFFML provides APIs for dataset generation and storage, and model definition using any machine learning framework, from high level down to low level...
  • Tejas Joshi

    Add new math.h and complex.h functions as built-ins.
    Organization: GNU Compiler Collection
    GCC has support for built-in functions in C99/C11 standards along with features of IEEE standards. These functions do appropriate calculations...
  • Ajat Prabha

    Add Plugin Mechanism to the Dashboard
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    This project aims to introduce a plugin mechanism to the Kubernetes Dashboard. It shall deal with defining the plugin framework architecture, it’s...
  • Rucha Deodhar

    Add returning to insert
    Organization: MariaDB Foundation
    Hello! I am Rucha Deodhar. The task I've picked is to add RETURNING clause to INSERT statement which will return the listed fields after the insert...
  • Shannon Sequeira

    Add subsampling to aster models
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    We add support for sampling arrows to aster models using the theory of curved exponential families.
  • Aswin M Prabhu

    Add support for additional delivery channels to Moira
    Organization: Moira
    The aim of this project is to add support for additional delivery channels to Moira. A delivery channel is used to alert the user based on Graphite...
  • berserker1

    Add support for bounce processing in core
    Organization: GNU Mailman
    This proposal’s main goal is to add a concrete and fully functional form of implementation/procedure for processing of various messages and taking...
  • Elijah Oyekunle

    Add Support for Custom Resource Definitions to the Dashboard
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    The Kubernetes dashboard previously supported Third Party Resources (TPR), but these were replaced in Kubernetes by Custom Resource Definitions...
  • Shawn Feng

    Add Support for Extra Optimization Solvers to PortfolioAnalytics
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    PortfolioAnalytics is a popular R package designed to provide optimized solution and visualizations for portfolio allocating problems with complex...
  • Alejandro Germain

    Add support for the OCI runtime spec by implementing a runc stage2
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    rkt implements the App Container Executor specification of the appc Container Specification and uses systemd unit properties to implement its...
  • Nikhil Ramakrishnan

    Add Support for WOFF2 Fonts to FreeType
    Organization: FreeType
    The aim of this project is to integrate seamless support for the WOFF File Format 2.0 into FreeType so that these fonts can be recognized,...
  • Kris Stern

    Add Time-dependent Instrument Response Function to IRISpy
    Organization: Open Astronomy
    This project is about adding a very practical functionality to the IRISpy package which is built on top of Sunpy’s ndcube package. IRISpy provides...
  • Param Bhavsar

    Add traditional machine learning algorithms to the Swift TensorFlow library
    Organization: TensorFlow
    This document describes the proposal to "add traditional Machine Learning algorithms to the Swift TensorFlow library", for "TensorFlow" organization....
  • Njagi Mwaniki

    Add Variant Graph (VG) support to BioD
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    The current representation of reference genomes is as a sequence of nucleotides akin to a long string. Intuitively, this doesn’t represent a genome...
  • Ziao Wang

    Add Windows Support for CVE-Binary-Tool
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    CVE Binary Tool is running on Linux systems now by taking advantages of bash commands like file and string. Since file and string have already been...
  • NilsHoel

    Adding PRU-ICSS drivers to RTEMS on Texas Instrument Sitara SoCs
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    This Project intends to add the PRU support to RTEMS, using the Beaglebone Black (BBB). The BBB has an Texas Instruments AM3358 SoC with an ...
  • zed009

    Adding (Updating) macOS support to Cuckoo SandBox
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    Cuckoo Sandbox is a malware analysis platform which performs basic static file analysis to in-depth dynamic analysis of binaries. Even though macOS...
  • whiterat

    Adding and standardizing image processing operations in tf.image
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Project aims at updating existing functions to make them compatible with Tensorflow 2.0 and adding new image processing operations to make the...
  • Aditya Vitthalrao

    Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application
    Organization: OSGeo
    MapMint4ME (MM4ME) is an android application allows user to take photos, record their positions, and view their current location on map based on...
  • Shunji Nishitani

    Adding Autocomplete Function in RubyGems.org Search UI
    Organization: Ruby
    In RubyGems.org website, we can search for any kinds of gems you want. However, most programmers use google or any other websites to look for gems...
  • Ryan Lee

    Adding Curiosity to TF-Agents
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Reinforcement learning is a class of machine learning methods that use the reward signal of the environment to infer optimal actions. Thus, easy...
  • Amit Singh

    Adding design policy and improving design
    Organization: Boost C++
    My goal is to implement design policy which will dictate how memory is accessed and how dimension is specified for example dynamic dimension or...
  • Abdalla mohamed Abounar

    Adding Features to Subcircuits
    Organization: CircuitVerse.org
    The CircuitVerse site provides simulation for digital design circuits on the web. For large-scale projects, users need to use some circuits inside of...
  • Alish Dipani

    Adding Magick back-end support and iruby integration to Rubyplot.
    Organization: Ruby Science Foundation
    Rubyplot only supports GR back-end, my project is to extend this support to Magick back-end, adding plot function to Rubyplot and integration with...
  • ffmancera

    Adding missing features in nftables
    Organization: Netfilter project
    I would like to work implementing missing features in nftables. My plan is to work on the following subtasks: extending stateful object...
  • Kartik Sapra

    Adding more options in Fabric8-Maven-Plugin for building images
    Organization: JBoss Community
    The project aims to add more options to fabric maven plugin for building images for OpenShift build mode. Right now fmp supports two kinds of binary...
  • Vlad Apetrei

    Adding multi-class classification to machine learning backend
    Organization: Moodle
    Adding multi-class classification to the Moodle machine learning backend by exposing functionality derived from python Tensorflow and the phpml...
  • sleep-404

    Adding new features and Improving DetectionSuite
    Organization: JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
    This project aims at introducing new features to detection suite like adjustable bounding boxes, ability to add new labels , draw bounding boxes...
  • Ziheng Zhou

    Adding plotting engine into PerformanceAnalytics package
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Adding plotting engine into PerformanceAnalytics package.
  • Dhayalan Balakrishnan

    Adding Privilege escalation functionality to the monkey
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    New non-destructive privilege escalation exploits likerunc container escape (CVE-2019-5736) and Dirty sock (CVE-2019-7304) and Dirty cow ...
  • Asami Doi

    Adding QEMU/AArch64 Support to Coreboot
    Organization: coreboot
    We already have some physical mainboards for AArch64. However, we don’t have the support of QEMU/AArch64 yet. ARM-based chips nowadays become popular...
  • Hitesh Kumar Rawat

    Adding SSR, CI/CD, Tests, Geohash, NSFW image classifier, and revamping Datastore and UX
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    CrowdAlert practically addresses a really good problem we are trying build a solution for. It's solution boils down to having a robust and real-time...
  • KunalKushwaha

    Adding support for missing resources & missing test coverage in Kubernetes-Client.
    Organization: JBoss Community
    Adding support in Kubernetes Client for several types of Resources: ServiceCatalog TemplateInstance VolumeAttachment CertificateSigningRequest ...
  • Moazin

    Adding support for OpenType-SVG Fonts to FreeType
    Organization: FreeType
    To support colored glyphs in OpenType fonts, several formats currently exist, namely SBIX, CBDT and COLR. These are used widely with varying degree...
  • Victor Antony

    Adding traditional Machine Learning algorithms to Swift for Tensorflow
    Organization: TensorFlow
    This project aims to add traditional machine learning algorithms to the Tensorflow for Swift library. We aim to implement Logistic Regression,...

    Addition Of Baseline Models To Model Zoo
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Model zoo is a great compilation of deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms. Currently state of the art baselines in terms of...
  • Lizabeth Katsnelson

    Addition of novel CPTAC proteogenomic datasets to the cBioPortal
    Organization: cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics
    This project will aim to create a pipeline for all CPTAC data transformation into cBioPortal compatible files for public access. Conversion and...
  • Xavier Figueroa

    Additional Format Support for the Python Libraries
    Organization: SPDX (Software Product Data Exchange)
    Due to its need to programmatically handle SPDX Documents, SPDX has developed Python tools that parse and write SPDX Documents in RDF and TAG/VALUE...
  • Roberto Hueso Gomez

    Advanced Kernel Density Estimation Improvements
    Organization: mlpack
    Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) is a widely used non-parametric technique to estimate a probability density function. mlpack already had an...
  • Caner Akdaş

    Advanced Node, Edge, Arrow Plugin Library
    Organization: Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Advanced Node, Edge, Arrow Plugin Library This plugin draws the desired types of nodes and arrows on a non-visible canvas. These dynamically drawn...

    Advancement/Improvement of Settings Subsystem. (Zulip-Server)
    Organization: Zulip Open Source Project
    Primarily, my main focus of summers would be whole settings subsystem. I will work on making it more robust and improving the quality of the code.
  • Panagiotis Lantavos

    Adversarial Examples for Natural Language Models
    Organization: CLiPS, University of Antwerp
    Meaningful Adversarial Examples for Natural Language Models A project to create adversarial examples and resulting counterfactuals for text...
  • Angafor Brandon

    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Agora is a library of data structures and algorithm for counting votes in elections. It consist of over 40 algorithms along with testing frameworks....
  • Bomen Derick

    Agora Slack Application
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Agora Web is a platform for managing elections. It makes use of the Agora library which is used to count votes and provide election results. This...
  • Mukul Kumar

    Agora Vote Android Application- Mukul Kumar
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Agora vote is a voting platform where users can create elections and invite friends to cast their votes. It supports a wide range of voting...
  • Chirag Singhal

    Agora-web Proposal GSOC 2019
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    Agora is a library of data structures and algorithms for counting votes in elections. Agora-web, is a website to conduct online elections.The project...
  • Thanh Trung Dinh

    AI Face Recognition with OpenCV DNN module
    Organization: KDE Community
    digiKam is KDE desktop application for photos management. In digiKam, tags on photos are strongly supported for the sake of providing users with a...
  • Albert Morea

    AirMashup for Liquid Galaxy
    Organization: Liquid Galaxy project
    AirMashup for Liquid Galaxy is a project that helps to comprehend how airspace is structured. Displaying in Liquid Galaxy airways, airports, flights...
  • Rajat Singhal

    AirSim Simulator Support for Ardupilot SITL
    Organization: Ardupilot.org
    AirSim is an open-source, cross-platform simulator for drones and cars, built on Unreal 3D Engine. It provides physically and visually realistic...
  • Dimitrios Styliaras

    Ajax based interface Cscout
    Organization: Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS
    Create a modern dynamic interface for the CScout project
  • Abhishek Chauhan

    Alert Redistribution System for Fink : an Apache Spark based Broker for Astronomy
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    A huge volume of data is generated every night by large astronomical telescopes around the world. A robust and scalable software infrastructure is...
  • Ashish Jha

    Alexa Skill for Rocket.Chat
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    Bring access of Rocket.Chat into the world of 100 million+ Alexa enabled devices. The project's aim is to create innovative, high valued user...
  • Yashas Samaga B L

    Allow the OpenCV's DNN module to work with GPUs
    Organization: OpenCV
    The development of GPUs for general purpose computing has revolutionized the field of deep learning. They are critical for training large deep neural...
  • Sukhbir Singh

    Amahi 12 Improvements
    Organization: Amahi
    In this project, my work will mainly focus on to develop new features for Amahi 12. Amahi is one of the best open-source media server software...
  • Vishwas Mittal

    Amahi-Anywhere Improvements
    Organization: Amahi
    Amahi-Anywhere file server is complete and working as of now, but there can be certain improvements that can be done to so as to improve both, the...
  • Mikhaelle Bueno

    Organization: Catrobat
    Amaya Inspired in the "Awesome Demo Game Project " idea Amaya is a princess that have his kingdom invade and now needs to defeat The Tyrant to...
  • Alexey Mogilyovkin

    An ambitious step into mariadb developers society
    Organization: MariaDB Foundation
    Add support for Indexes on Expressions
  • Jingrui Li

    An application for Céu-Arduino
    Organization: LabLua
    An application from Jingrui for Céu-Arduino, I'll do my best for that.
  • snowkylin

    An Extended Version of “A Concise Handbook of TensorFlow” And A Library of Extended Keras Layers for TF 2.0
    Organization: TensorFlow
    Usability and 3rd cutting-edge models are two main factors that are especially concerned by academic area. This project concentrate on enhancing both...
  • Caio Tonetti

    An Improved Graph Theory IDE
    Organization: KDE Community
    As a student, I use graphs in almost everything related to my master’s research. Graph Theory is a great mathematical tool for programmers and...
  • Daniel Xia

    An R package for two new skew-t distributions
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    We will develop an R package for two families of skew-t distributions that have different tail behavior for left and right tails, namely the family...
  • Alaa Salman

    Analysis of WARP-V on FireSim with RocketChip
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    Analysis of the architectural performance of WARP-V using FireSim and RocketChip Chisel code. Adding WARP-V to RocketChip to utilize the capabilities...
  • Tanmai Khanna

    Anaphora Resolution
    Organization: Apertium
    Anaphora resolution is the problem of resolving references to earlier items in the discourse. This most commonly appears as pronoun resolution where...
  • dev-ritik

    Android app improvement
    Organization: Named Data Networking Project
    NpChat is a photo and file sharing application built on Android and is inspired by Snapchat. It runs over the Named Data Network (NDN) and focuses on...
  • Balaji Ramavathu

    Android App Improvements
    Organization: Amahi
    Amahi is a personal/Home server media software with the support of mobile apps and other devices that allow us to stream and access all types of...
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