In this project, my work will mainly focus on to develop new features for Amahi 12. Amahi is one of the best open-source media server software available right now and is well known for its easy to use interface and functionalities. The "Platform" is the core software of Amahi and it is in development for the last 7 years. Amahi 11 is the latest version of Amahi and it is officially released last year in 2018 and provides support for fedora 27. Amahi 12 is currently in the development phase and will be released soon with support to fedora 30.

Main Objectives:-

  • Improve Platform and implement new features for Amahi 12.
  • Fix existing plugins and provide them support for the latest version of Amahi.
  • Update Dockerfile and create new docker image supporting latest Amahi.
  • Completely implement backend and plugin of friending feature. This will help Amahi users to share files and Shares with other Amahi users with permissions control.
  • Implement let's encrypt feature for Amahi to generate certificates for establishing secure connections with subdomains.



Sukhbir Singh


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