This project will focus on solving several of the high priority issues related to the general user experience of Zulip. This would involve improving the user interface in some areas, adding requested features in some places, as well as fixing some areas where the behavior is not as expected. All of this, in the hopes that it would improve the feel of Zulip for existing users and make it easier for new users to adopt.

Though it was not intentional, several of the issues to be tackled here are requests made by large communities as their major blockers to switching over to Zulip. This project consists of work that goes over a few areas, broadly, these could be clumped together as the following goals:

  • Info density enhancement requests.
  • Public streams and guest user support.
  • Better support for appearance and interaction of muted streams.
  • Misc UI improvements.
  • markdown processing improvements.
  • search behavior improvements.


Yash Rathore


  • Shubham Padia