OpenMRS has come a long way in improving healthcare facilities worldwide through Open Source Software. Earlier these software were only web based but now with the advent of mobile technologies our mobiles phones are becoming capable enough to do any task which can be done on the desktop but rather with more flexibility, mobility and with just a few touches. Thus the Nigeria Telemedicine App will standout as another example that helps overcome the day to day struggle of manually documenting everything or operating on large desktop systems. Patients can avail fast medical services by register themselves through this mobile app mentioning minimal details about themselves and their ailment.The app then informs the patient regarding when can he expect a call from the doctor. The app also provides an emergency feature that helps the user call an ambulance and provide information about performing CPR, choking prevention maneuvers , stopping excessive bleeding, delivering a baby etc.



Rohan Sharma


  • Isaac Sears
  • levine