The project is aimed at making SymPy able to convert code from Fortran/C into SymPy expressions. After completion and implementation of this project, SymPy would be able to take a block of Fortran or C code. convert it into a sympy expression, perform all the desired operations and convert the code back to original language source code to be implemented in that language. SymPy already has the features of generating source code for other languages from SymPy syntax. This would allow SymPy to easily read in, alter, and write out computational code. Sympy can easily be implemented in other programs as a computing engine because it's fast as compared to many other libraries and languages for computation. The other objective of this project is to improve Lfortran and implement it as an interactive computational environment in Fortran and a library with an effective API in Python. It also increases the usability of Lfortran. The project can be extended further after the program is over by creating a parser for converting their code in sympy syntax and can also be expanded to process natural language instructions.



Nikhil Maan


  • Aaron Meurer
  • Ondřej Čertík