Rucio is a data management system that provides the functionality to organize, manage and access a large amount of scientific data (in the order of petabytes) using customizable policies. Rucio also provides monitoring and data analytics. As a part of my GSoC program, I aim to create a Single-Sign On (SSO) authentication for CERN. SSO is a user authentication service which permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple domains. It will eliminate the need to login to every CERN service that the user is registered to. The next task will be to develop a Collection following mechanism. The aim of this task is to develop a service which will inform the end-users of any event affecting the dataset. For eg. dataset deletion, file loss, change in metadata, lifetime expiration, etc.



Ruturaj Gujar


  • Cedric Serfon
  • Tobias Wegner
  • Mario Lassnig
  • Martin Barisits