The main objective of this project is to create such interfaces (by the means of various visualizations of the library) that makes it easier for user to:

  • Access the required filter curves
  • Calculate the photometry of a star's spectrum under a certain filter set

To achieve this, I propose to develop several adequate visualizations by enabling interactivity and UI controls, such that they serve as analytical web interfaces through which user can access what they need in a couple of clicks! These interfaces will be made accessible to the user by integrating them within living Sphinx docs, such that they will be auto generated when building the docs.

Besides, I also aim to well document the wsynphot package after integrating the developed interfaces in it, ultimately reshaping the entire package. Hence, user can auto-generate both the filter curves & photometry directly from the docs as per their requirements, by using these responsive interfaces.


Jaladh Singhal


  • Devin Chu
  • Tuan Do
  • Wolfgang Kerzendorf