The core of the proposal is a wide improvement of the LaTeX integration with JabRef, focusing on the end-user, whose characteristics have been studied before: 69% use LaTeX and 87% are researchers.

The goal is to make the work easier for our users. I will develop several tools for analysing and checking LaTeX text documents: finding bibliographic entries (which are used, how many times, and where) and counting words, characters and citations by document; validating TEX files for solving issues; and importing entries from TEX files.

Additionally, if time permits, I will add support for connecting to JabRef from external editors. Therefore, it could be possible to search a specific entry from TeXstudio.

This feature will be integrated in the next major release (version 5.0) and should be available to the users.



David Méndez


  • Linus Dietz
  • Christoph S
  • Tobias Diez