Carbon footprint is a project which provides the users with information related to emission of Carbon, Ethane and Nitrous Oxide when they perform some activities such as using various appliances, using electricity, travelling through flights, trains or other vehicles. Carbon footprint Alexa is an Amazon Alexa skill which provides an interactive and conversational interface to the users. The user can ask any query related to Carbon emission to this skill and it can be operated through Android devices, iPhone or any of the Amazon Echo devices. Carbon footprint is a great step towards saving our environment as if a person is aware of how his activities are affecting the environment, only then he will be able to take some necessary steps to reduce the harm to our environment.


Maandeep Singh


  • Sai Sankar Gochhayat
  • Varun Chitre
  • Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
  • Thuvarakan