StatsD is simple, text-based UDP protocol for receiving monitoring data of applications in architecture client-server. As of right now, there is no StatsD implementation for PCP available, other then this which is not suitable for production environment.

Goal of this project is to write PMDA agent for PCP in C, that would receive StatsD UDP packets and then aggregate and transfer handled data to PCP. There would be 3 basic types of metrics: counter, duration and gauge. Agent is to be build with modular architecture in mind with an option of changing implementation of both aggregator and parsers, which will allow to accurately describe differences between approaches to aggregation and text protocol parsing. Since the PMDA API is based on around callbacks the design has to be multithreaded.

Agent is to be fully configurable with either PCP configuration options and/or separate configuration file. Writing integration tests is also in the scope of the project.



Miroslav Folt├Żn


  • Nathan Scott
  • lzap
  • Marko Myllynen