Hello, my name is Christos Chronis postgraduate student of Harokopio University of Athens in Informatics and Telematics department. I have a great experience in programming, circuit design, 3d printing, and robotics. I think this project is highly appropriate for my skill set and interests. The goal, of a low-cost open-source robotic kit, is something I was thinking as a development project for a long time. Furthermore, the idea to contribute to the educator's community and make more people and students to get involved with robotics is extremely motivating for me. My proposal contains, cost analysis of the project, an indicative part list, a comparison with the Lego robotics kit, a detailed timeline, my draft robot design for how I imagine the robot kit and finally some photos from in-progress robot project for the team of robotics of the Harokopio University of Athens.


Christos Chronis


  • Theodoros Karounos
  • Iraklis Varlamis