The requirement of the project is to create a workflow for entity linking between DBpedia and external data set. Entity linking is a process of ontology alignment or ontology mapping between source and target ontology. In this workflow, the goal is to detect similar concepts/classes or instances/individuals between the source and target ontology. There are two levels of linking, the first one is schema level linking and another one is instance level linking. Schema level linking is mapping/alignment between concepts/classes of the source and target ontology and on the other hand, instance level linking is mapping/alignment between instances/individuals of the source and target ontology.

This proposal presents an approach for ontology alignment through the use of an unsupervised mixed neural network. In this workflow, we will explore reading and parsing the ontology and extracting all necessary information about concepts and instances, generating semantic vectors for each entity with different meta information like entity hierarchy, object property, data property, and restrictions and designing User Interface based system which will show all necessary information about the workflow.



Jaydeep Chakraborty


  • Krishanu Konar
  • Luca Virgili