CC Vocabulary is a design system, a collection of UI components, available both as CSS stylesheets and minified JS, as well as Vue components, that make it easy to develop Creative Commons apps and services while ensuring a cohesive experience and appearance across CC projects.

CC Vocabulary would make it easy for designers to design and prototype mockups, developers to develop evolving standards-compliant code that covers a large number of use-cases out-of-the-box and users to navigate a more consistently familiar CC web presence.

CC Search is a Creative Commons application that allows users to search for images (and soon, other content) and provides one-click attribution and licensing information, making it effortless and unambiguous to use and extend creative works from other artists.

The revamped CC Search would provide a more streamlined experience, making the site mobile-responsive, modernised and smoother to use. The website would also be the pilot project to use the new CC Vocabulary components, enabling faster development and a more consistent look and feel.



Dhruv Bhanushali


  • Hugo Solar
  • Sophine Clachar