Autograding is one of the greatest features which makes the instructor work more easier. It helps the instructor by grading score without reading the code. It basically compares the output file for a predefined input file with predefined output file given by the instructor.

Currently, instructors must write a configuration as a config.json (and any necessary additional files) and upload or store these files on the local file system. Automated grading can be improved by implementing the following features:-

  • Graphical User Interface for creation config.json, input, etc
  • Automated Creation of Expected Output Files
  • Randomly Generate Testcases Input

We can reduce learning curve for new instructor by providing getting started tour feature.

  • Getting started tour feature can be implemented using introjs



Patel Drumil


  • Evan Maicus
  • Matthew Peveler
  • Barbara M Cutler
  • Preston Carman