BioJS is a library of over one hundred JavaScript components enabling users to visualise and process data using current web technologies. BioJS makes it easy for users to integrate their visualisations into their own website or web application.

The process of updating the BioJS standard to version 3.0 is going on. The Yeoman generator to upgrade BioJS components by wrapping them in a Web Component has already been created which enables users to embed and use visualisation of various BioJS components.

This project involves improving the Yeoman generator by adding new features and tests to make it easier for developers to implement old BioJS components as Web Components and to make new BioJS Web Components. It also involves clearly documenting the whole process of using the generator so as to make the task of working with the generator, making new components easy for developers as well as easily creating visualisations so that even non-technical persons can embed and use the visualisations in their work.


Nikhil Vats


  • Yo Yehudi-1
  • Sarthak Sehgal